"As the Argeset Elektronik family, we are excited to come together as an industry again on the occasion of the Elevator Istanbul Fair after a long time." Argeset Elektronik General Manager Ünay Çınar noted that although the fair periods passed with intense work and haste, they always provided extraordinary contributions to themselves, their businesses, and the industry. 

Çınar said, "The two-year pandemic period has passed, even though this period has passed with closures, restrictions and industrial contractions, it gave us the opportunity to restructure and organize our businesses. We had the opportunity to do many vital control activities that we could not squeeze between the intense production and sales schedule." said.

Noting that they are making a great effort to keep up with the technological developments that are advancing at a dizzying pace and to develop their products, Çınar said that they had the opportunity to observe where the Turkish elevator industry came from over a period of more than twenty-five years. "We are proud of the point we have reached. We would feel happy if we were able to contribute a little to this success." Ünay Çınar said, "The summary of the work is that, in addition to the products we exhibited at the previous fair, our new works and new products will take place and be exhibited at this fair. As in all areas, elevator products are now easy to assemble and disassemble, compact, ergonomic, and economical products are preferred. Our new products are designed and produced in line with this line. Argeset Elektronik is a company that only produces elevator buttons and button panels. Our business is fully focused on this production line and specializes in this.

Our aim is to offer the best to our customers under the most favorable conditions. Our R&D studies continue non-stop. We try to offer the best products and services by considering the demands, suggestions and complaints from our customers. Although we pay attention to technological and economic criteria in our products, the feature that we consider more important is strength and durability. This is a very important point as our products are available for public use.

- We have 3 different new product groups among the products they exhibited at the fair
'Compact cabinet panel group used in serial communication systems'
It is a product group that meets the requirements of the new regulations, is compatible with the major serial communication control systems used in the industry and offers ease of assembly and connection.

This product, which is highly appreciated with its large dot matrix display system, also offers a very economical solution with its integrated structure. This product group, which can add many features and adapt to new technologies with its plug play structure, is the closest to being our main product.

'Compact cabinet panel group used in parallel connected systems'
Although this product is produced for parallel systems, it has a structure that minimizes the number of connections. Our product, which meets the requirements of the new regulation, provides ease of assembly with the minimum number of connections. Our product, which has proven itself as the most used product numerically in cabinet panel groups, will continue to serve you for a long time.

'Series and parallel floor panels group'
Here, we are at the service of our customers with a new product group consisting of different display and button types. To explain without going into too much technical detail, some of these products, which are produced considering the demands of our customers, provide economic advantages, some provide aesthetics or great visuality, and some provide ease of assembly and connection.

- The pandemic has radically changed our future lives and our outlook on life
The pandemic has caused us to experience a situation and restrictions that have not been experienced before in human history and has radically changed our future lives and our outlook on life. I have a hard time deciding whether the importance of fairs has increased or decreased after the pandemic. On the one hand, life has somehow started to be lived "from a distance". Distance education, remote-virtual shopping, remote-home work etc. and we started to get used to this situation and find it comfortable. However, on the other hand, the value of meeting one-on-one, being able to touch and experience the products live, and meeting the people who provide the services and products live, cannot be measured.

- We are planning to attend one or two fairs if the calendar is suitable for 2023
Although we haven't decided yet, we are planning to attend one or two fairs for 2023, not for the year 2022, or if the calendar is appropriate. Our products are used and sold abroad, but our expectation is to reach more destinations and countries. International fairs offer great opportunities for companies with big goals. We can reach all potential customers in the country, but this situation is a little more difficult for abroad. I hope that the fairs will make this difficult situation easier.