07 Mayıs 2022,ERKAN LIFT: WE AIM TO EXPORT 60 PERCENT OF OUR PRODUCTION IN 2022, Elevator Vizyon Magazine, All What You Are Looking For is On This Site


Hüseyin Gövez, Sales and Marketing Manager of Erkan Lift, which has been operating in regulator, elevator brake, hydraulic buffer, ring pulleys and handrail types since 2001, stated that 2021 exports increased by 50 percent compared to 2020. Stating that they exported 33 percent of their production and the share of exports in their total turnover exceeded 35 percent, Hüseyin Gövez noted that they were hopeful for 2022.

Hüseyin Gövez, Sales and Marketing Manager of Erkan Lift, stated that they continue their production with more than 40 personnel in their 1.800 square meter indoor and 8.200 square meter outdoor facilities; "We are very hopeful for 2022. The year 2022 started much better than 2021 and I believe it will continue like that. We have doubled our production capacity by enlarging our machinery park with the 4 million investment we made in 2020. With this investment, our exports in 2021 increased 50 percent compared to the previous year. We aim to increase the export share in our total production, which was 33 percent last year, to 60 percent in 2022. We participate in domestic and international fairs to achieve our goal. We make customer visits supported by printed and visual materials and continue to present new products with the support of product development and R&D to our customers.

As a company, we are constantly expanding and renewing our machine park. In order to increase our production and quality, we sustain the vocational training of our colleagues by attaching importance to employment. We support our new machine park with more equipped and trained personnel.

We do not compromise on quality, mass production, reasonable prices and fast delivery. And we think that this approach has made us a preferred brand in the industry.

We have turned the restrictions in the world, disruptions in the supply chain and delays in the production phase into an advantage thanks to our ability to keep strong stocks and mass production during the pandemic that has been challenging us since 2020."